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Scottish Fest: The Movie

We are very excited to share our first ever Scottish Fest Movie. Please make sure your volume is turned up and for best results, choose to enable full screen viewing. The movie is an estimated 90 minutes in length and features interviews and music from The Wicked Tinkers, Ploughboys, Eric Rigler, L.A. Scots Pipe Band and World Champion Highland Dancer Beret Dernbach, plus a lot more!

Our thanks to the above mentioned artists and to our host, Christopher Yates, for their time and commitment to helping us produce this film. Thank you as well to film-makers Josh and Jen Toussey for their generous donation of time and talent behind the camera. 

For Best Results View In Full Screen!

At this time donations no longer include a t-shirt, but we hope you'll consider any amount!
Scottish Fest The Movie

Scottish Fest The Movie

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