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  • Ticket Sales Questions
    What are the ages for the different ticket types? Adult: Ages 13-61 Senior: Ages 62 and above Child: Ages 5-12, ages 4 and under are free REFUNDS Q: What happens if it rains, can I have a refund? A: Scottish Fest goes on rain or shine, no refunds are given for weather. All sales are final. Q: Do you ever give refunds for other issues? A: If you add on Purchase Protection with your ticket order, then refunds are available via TicketSpice, our ticketing platform. To file a claim please visit Q:I bought a ticket by accident, what do I do? A: If you bought a ticket by accident, contact us immediately so that we can correct it. Q: I bought a ticket and want to resell it, can I? A. No. The resale of Scottish Fest tickets is prohibited at all times. PLEASE NOTE: If after the festival you notice an issue with your order, we ask that you please contact us first at for help before issuing a chargeback. Chargebacks cost us $30 each and impacts our funding for the next year. We will always work with you to resolve an issue and would rather help you via email rather than with a chargeback! Please read the Refunds section for more information.
  • Fairground Rules
    1. Can I bring my dog or pet with me to Scottish Fest? No. No animals of any kind except official service animals are allowed on the fairgrounds. You may be turned away at the gate if you bring a non-service animal, including "emotionl support" animals. 2. Why do I see dogs and other animals there then? We have several events at Scottish Fest that use animals. These animals are participants of Scottish Fest and are not personal pets. You will see herding dogs, sheep and even birds of prey! 3. Can I smoke at Scottish Fest? No smoking or vaping is allowed on the OC Fairgrounds. 4. Can I bring my costume weaponry, like my claymore or sgian dubh? Generally yes. OCFEC staff understand that items such as hip swords are generally part of a costume, but please be aware that their allowance is at the discretion of the OCFEC staff. No firearms of any kind will be allowed. 5. Can I bring my own food and beer? While we hope and encourage our guests to purchase the Scottish foods, you are allowed to bring in your own foods. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought in, but is available for purchase inside the event. OCFEC staff reserve the right to do cooler checks.
  • Refunds
    Q: Do you offer refunds? A: Refunds are at the discretion of Scottish Fest staff. REFUNDS CAN ONLY BE PROVIDED BY ADDING THE TICKETSPICE PURCHASE PROTECTION TO YOUR ORDER. Make sure to read all terms and services regarding Purchase protection. If you purchased a ticket by accident, contact us immediately to cancel it and refund your money. We do not offer refunds including but not limited to any of the following: Inclement weather Lost paper ticket If a ticket is showed as scanned/admitted at the entrance gate You changed your mind about attending If a situation arises regarding your ticket purchase, please contact us first so that we can attempt to rectify it. No re-selling of Scottish Fest tickets is allowed.
  • Do You Rent Wheelchairs?
    We no longer provide on-site wheelchair and scooter rentals. However here is a search link to rentals places near OCFEC. Scottish Fest provides this link as a courtesy and does not endorse any company. Search Link:;_ylt=Awr9ImJb7CRikT8A40RXNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZANCQVNFTElORVRfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=wheelchair+rental+costa+mesa&fr=mcafee
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