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SCOTTISH FEST primarily provides and executes its own food booths. However, if you are a SCOTTISH FOOD vendor and want to be involved, please feel free to email us and have a chat.

If you are a NON-SCOTTISH FOOD vendor, you must contact OCFEC directly. Scottish Fest only provides Scottish and Celtic foods per our contract. We do not provide American, Mexican or other ethnic foods. Please contact OVG Hospitality (part of the OCFEC family) at (714) 708-1880.


Vendors selling items relating to Scotland, Ireland and other Celtic nations and similar themes get first consideration at Scottish Fest. If you are interested in vending at Scottish Fest, please send us an email at and let us know! We always welcome new and fun vendors that reach a wide range of people. We do reserve the right to refuse an application for any reason.  Once the application for current festival becomes live we will email our returning vendors and anyone who has been newly added to our contact list.

2024 PRICING if submitted before April 30, 2024. If submitted after April 30, please add $40 to each price

10X10 space: $455

10x20 space: $531

15x20 space: $589

20x20 space: $743

20x30 space: $895

20x40 space: $1103

20x50 space: $1310


Vendors selling items NOT relating to Scotland, Ireland and other Celtic nations and similar themes are welcome to apply but do have a stricter process. We fill vendor spots with Celtic vendors first, and if we have available room we will gladly add non-Scottish vendors. However please note we are more strict with the type of product you are selling. We do not allow the selling of anything politically inclined, anything considered vulgar, sexual or crude. We also generally do not allow vendors with an inventory typical of those found at swap meets. If you apply and your application is denied, any fees you paid with your application are returned to you.


If you are a non-profit or represent a government entity and only plan on providing information and not selling merchanidise, we welcome you to apply for a complimentary booth space. Each Comped Vendor application does have to have approval from the Executive Board and spaces are limited. We do not typically allow a complimentary spot for any organization wishing to promote specific political parties, candidates or laws, etc. General political information, such as voting information, is ok. 

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