Scottish Food At the Games

Scottish food is offered at all USS Scottish Fest food booths (not Spectra or OCFEC run food booths)



Scotch Pie/Meat Pie

What is a highland games without the classic Scotch Pie?


Made of ground meats, onions and spices, it's neatly wrapped up in a double-crusted pastry shell and is considered the ultimate 'fast food'.


 Bangers  are another highland games staple.


The banger is a British sausage, usually not as spicy as other sausages such as the Italian or Polish. It's served in a bun and usually topped with onions.

Steak and Mushroom Pie

The steak and mushroom pie is a savory blend of steak, mushrooms and beef gravy enclosed in a puff pastry shell.


These go great with a good Scottish beer.

Fish and Chips

Almost as famous as the Scotch Pie are the Fish and Chips.


Battered fish, usually cod, and french fries, true British fare. Don't forget to add your malt vinegar and you'll be in food heaven!


Always wanted to try Haggis? Now's your chance!


We offer haggis at select USS run food booths.


Made of sheeps pluck and stuffed into a sausage casing, it is usually accompanied by a fine dram of whisky.

Corned Beef Sandwich

We've introduced a bit of Ireland to our menu with the corned beef sandwhich. 


While there is plenty of debate as to where corned beef orginated, we can't argue that when one thinks of Irish fare, corned beef is right at the top of the list.




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