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We are currently working on our 2020 Lineup for Entertainment and will post here as acts are confirmed.

See the 2019 Lineup for a preview of what we offer

Master of Ceremonies


Christopher Yates will be appearing once again with all his Celtic/Highland comic silliness. Along with his Kenny G wig and brave stunt sheep lamb chop. Aye, it's all your favoUrites, "Rusty Bawls", with the Edinburgh Fringe style street theatre silliness, The Celtic Rock Comic, (wow yeah, Rod Stewart and Simple Minds are both Scottish acts), of course HIGHlander "McCloud", and this year likely a bunch of other ginger weirdness in some new Scottish Fest venues. I am sure his mum and dad are proud. But hold on, he's not even Scottish, I hear you say?? Ah hah, but let him pull his Celtic Credentials. With a grand mother from Bute, Christopher represents the down under Celtic contingent, reminding us that regardless of our Highland heritage the Costa Mesa Games brings us all together as friends. Be sure to catch one of his many show performances throughout the weekend.



Chris can also be found throughout the festival grounds performing his shows!


Kilted Colin pushes the boundaries of what you thought could be done in a kilt…  A circus performer with style but not grace.  Whether he’s dancing his way across the stage or charming you with his quick wit, his natural charisma makes him an absolute joy to watch.  He will play his bagpipes into your ears and then your hearts all whilst clambering on top of his 10-ft unicycle.  If there’s one thing this man knows, it’s how to dress and how to impress.  


Website:  www.kiltedcolin.com

Colin can be found at the Edinburgh Festival area and throughout the festival grounds performing his shows!


Strathclyde Stage


Prepare yourself for a wild ride with WICKED TINKERS! Pioneers of the growing Tribal Celtic movement, the Tinkers have been playing haunting, heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible tribal drums as a professional touring band since 1995. With the addition, several years back, of the mesmerizing drone of the Australian didgeridoo and Bronze Age Irish horn, the magic was complete. Sit back and be transported to an earlier time in Scotland and Ireland, when battle cries filled the air and strange, unheard-of creatures roamed the night. Or better yet, get on your feet and let your body move to ancient rhythms and forgotten sounds. 

Don't think this is dry, dusty music for museum shelves – WICKED TINKERS merge the best of modern, almost rock-and-roll energy with the hypnotic, insistent grooves of their Gaelic ancestors. Rare is the bystander who comes away without feeling a surprising, sometimes bewildering connection to long-forgotten primal emotions ... half-memories of ages past and experiences nameless yet somehow familiar. WICKED TINKERS creates music to set your jaw, put a fire in your belly, a glint in your eye and a dance in your feet.




The Ploughboys have been playing, singing, telling tales, engaging in feats of strength, animal husbandry, and defying the laws of gravity and propriety, for over a decade, now.

Consisting of Rich Cashman (bass), Vito Gutilla (Fiddle), brothers Mark Romano (Accordion, Mandolin and Guitar) and Peter Romano, (Guitar) and Rik Shannon (rhythm, percussion, and wisecracks), they are the house band for the Tam O’Shanter Inn, the oldest continuously operating pub in Los Angeles, performing Thursday and Friday nights to capacity crowds. Most Saturday nights they can be seen entertaining at one of many music venues here in Southern California.

Whether performing in the Celtic tradition, favorites from the British Isles, or their own, wickedly clever compositions, the Ploughboys are sure to provide a hard-driving, rollicking, hand-clapping, foot-stomping good time!

Facebook: Ploughboys Celtic




Craic in the Stone has gained renown on the Celtic and folk rock music scene for their invigorating, eclectic storytelling songs and captivating sound. Sisters Alana Fitzgerald and Fiona Mireles bring emotive harmonies and incomparable musicianship to the usually predominantly male role of Celtic singers. Jay Rofsky rocks the band with his guitar and vocals. Violinist Agnieszka Borzuchowski, bassist/pianist Bill Strongin, and mandolinist/percussionist Scott Well complete the sound with their own unique style.

The band’s repertoire ranges from pub songs and traditional tunes to originals and fresh covers, as well as instrumental jigs and reels. Craic in the Stone is named after the quintessential Irish expression "craic," which is pronounced “crack,” for fun times. 



Alex Beaton Stage


Familiar with Hollywood’s OUTLANDER, BRAVEHEART, TITANIC, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2, MEN IN BLACK 3, THE FUGITIVE, TROY, AUSTIN POWERS, THE SIMPSONS or SOUTH PARK? How about CD’s by JOSH GROBAN, KEITH URBAN, FAITH HILL, MEATLOAF, PHIL COLLINS, ROD STEWART, or MARIAH CAREY? Then you’re familiar with the sounds of BAD HAGGIS piper Eric Rigler. Described as the “World’s Most Recorded Piper”, Eric is constantly in demand in studios from Hollywood to Nashville to
Abbey Road, bringing the timeless, haunting sonorities of the uilleann pipes, the Great Highland Bagpipe and the low whistle to film, television, and recording audiences around the world.

For over 20 years, BAD HAGGIS has pioneered a genre-bending musical odyssey fusing Scottish & Irish traditions with elements of rock, alternative, jazz, pop, world beat, African and Latin influences. A true original, BAD HAGGIS continues to trail-blaze their melodious vision through writing original pieces and arranging traditional tunes & cover songs with unmatched flair…all deftly handled by their members’ musical virtuosity. Driven by the dual leads of the “bagtar” (bagpipe & guitar) by Eric and guitarist Mike Hoffmann, to the deeply grooving rhythms laid down by bassist/vocalist Mick Linden and drummer Bryon Holley, BAD HAGGIS produces a hearing-is-believing sonic experience.                              www.badhaggis.com


Named among the top acoustic bands in LA (by Folkworks Magazine) and two-time winners of the Orange County Music Award for Best Folk Band, this dynamic ensemble presents Celtic Folk with a decidedly bluegrass attitude. Sligo Rags is taking the local and not-so-local Folk and Celtic music scenes by storm with a unique blend of eclectic musical influences. Dan Miller of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine says “These guys have it all--great vocals, lots of energy, captivating songs, well executed arrangements, and tasteful solos.” Their debut studio recording, "The Night Before the Morning After", was called "the best I've heard from a stateside band" by Celtic Beat Magazine, while their sophomore effort, “The Whiskey Never Lies,” (called “the best from the West Coast Celts in many years” by Shay Clark of the Irish-American News), was named one of the top 10 of 2007 by Folkworks. Don’t be surprised if elements of country, gypsy jazz and swing manage to sneak their way into the act as well. Award-winning flatpicking and fingerstyle guitarist David Burns (recently featured in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine), fiddler extraordinaire Michael Kelly, and world-renowned bassist Eli Marcus are guaranteed to fill the room and your lives with electricity. They may give you a good laugh or two along the way as well.


Heritage Stage


Celtish was originally formed out of their member’s mutual appreciation and enjoyment of playing traditional Irish and Scottish music. In addition, they  infuse their unique sound and harmonies into non traditional tunes. The best way to describe Celtish would be a pub band that plays traditional Celtic music and non-traditional favorites with a Celtic  twist (hence the”ish”)
Celtish has performed at benefits, fundraisers, concerts, private events and naturally, the occasional brewery. They genuinely enjoy performing together and encourage everyone to participate, sing along and join us in their Celtish spirit.




For the past 30 years, the Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles have delighted audiences throughout Southern California with the lively, energetic and irresistibly uplifting music of Scotland, the Shetland Islands, Cape Breton Island and Ireland. Their playing is characterized by hard-driving reels and strathspeys, hauntingly beautiful airs and sweet waltzes. Directed by internationally known Scottish fiddler Jan Tappan, and frequently joined by world-renowned guest artists.






Come and enjoy the melodic sounds of the harps as our Harpers play well-loved Scottish and Celtic tunes!

Whisky Tavern Stage


Pipe Major of the LA Scots Grade 2 Colin Armstrong along with Grade 2 LA Scots Piper Kevin McIntyre make their debut act at Scottish Fest this year. Enjoy the sounds of classic and modern Scottish songs sung by Kevin and featuring Colin on the guitar. If you haven't heard their fantastic music, come check them out!



Scottish Country Dancing, the social dance of Scotland, is danced by all classes, from royal courts to barns, including Queen Elizabeth. Wherever Scots have fun, you’ll find them dancing reels, jigs, and strathspeys. Dancers dance with a partner in a group, using Scottish steps and patterns. Dancers switch partners after each dance, for a friendly social experience. All music is
Scottish, accompanied by fiddle, accordion, or piano.

Groups meet to learn & practice dances, host monthly parties, and then everyone gathers for two or three formal-dress Highland Balls during the year. There are 170 Royal Scottish Country Dance Society branches worldwide, with 30,000 members. To learn about classes in your area, and maybe try an easy dance, please visit our booth, or see our program advertisement. Come see us at the Whisky Tavern Stage! There will also be a Saturday night dance - ask about it at the booth.


Irish stepdance is a style of performance dance with its roots in traditional Irish dance. It is generally characterized by a stiff upper body and quick and precise movements of the feet. It can be performed solo or in groups. Aside from public dance performances, there are also stepdance competitions all over the world. These competitions are often called Feiseanna (singular Feis). In Irish dance culture, a Feis is a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival. Costumes are considered important for stage presence in competition and performance Irish stepdance. In many cases, costumes are sold at high prices and can even be custom made. Males and females can both perform Irish stepdance but for the most part in today's society, the dance remains predominantly female. This means that the costumes are mainly dresses. Each dress is different, with varying colors and patterns, designed to attract the judge's eye in competitions and the audience's eye in performance. 



Kris Colt is an American cross over vocal artist with a unique lyrical vocal style and mystical persona. As an accomplished singer/ songwriter,her debut CD entitled "The Voyage", A Mystical Journey received national airplay charting #26 on the NAV . Colt's current crossover single the title cut "Arms of A Stranger," has already received great reviews on commercial radio. Kris Colt & The Black Rose Band are a popular attraction at Celtic fairs and music festivals through out SoCal, and are currently opening for major acts on tour as they pass through the southland. Their most recent was a rocking night with the Young Dubliners . Kris is extremely proud to work with her band mates, Steve Ayvazian, Phil Ernst, Peter Maloney, and MIke Salazar.


The Black Rose Band wishes to especially acknowledge Marty Rifkin, their beloved producer famous for his work with Springstein Jewel, and Tom Petty. If you have the chance to see this band live , you will have fun!




Hailing from the greater metropolitan area of Twentynine Palms, CA, MarineSandpiper is the Southern California High Desert’s only Rock & Roll Bagpiper. For over four years, he has been entertaining audiences throughout the state – from San Francisco to San Diego.


MarineSandpiper is unique in that he covers mainstream rock, pop, and even jazz.

Now a retired Marine, he earned his name during a 2005 deployment to Ramadi, Iraq where he played the pipes during down times. He wears the Desert MARPAT Camouflage kilt and boots in honor of this heritage.






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